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Enhancement Request: x64 version


Most of my desktops are running the x86 version of MS Office, but I do have a couple "heavy lifters" that I use for development and bit more with SQL dev environments and Excel PowerPivot work, and these are running x64 version of MS Office.

Is it possible to get a 64bit version of this tool so we don't have to switch between desktops? I considered going through and making the 64bit required modification but I don't like to mess with other peoples code (without their acknowledgement). And I thought it could come in handy for other who might be in similar situations.

I absolutely love this tool, and I have recommended it to a friend of mine who consults for an industry specific software suite that offers a built-in Business Process Management module (it utilizes Symantec Workflow).

With the need for a db modeling he used MS Access quite a bit to walk customers through designing their BPM data warehouse, but less than half are really familiar with (or have) MS Access, and this is such a breeze because everyone has Excel, and it is easy to understand.