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Current release: 5.0.1 Production Release
Author: Yang Ning (Steven)
Please send your email to Steven Yang when you have any question.
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The database modeling utility is a Microsoft Office Excel workbook which can help you on your work of design database.
It supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL SQLite and SQL Server.
In the workbook, you can define database, generate SQL scripts and import database definition from database.
  • Why choose this as your database modeling utility?
    • The strengths of the utility are:
      • Ability to quick design database.
      • Ability to more readable
  • News
    • Version 5.0.1 was released on 2013/01/09

Database Modeling Excel can help you to design database schema.
  • Main Features
    • Supported Databases
      • MySQL
      • Oracle
      • PostgreSQL
      • SQL Server
      • SQLite (Only support generating DDL feature)
    • Design and maintenance database schema
    • Generate script of database schema using workbook’s content.
      • Create Tables SQL
      • Drop Tables SQL
      • Drop and Create Tables SQL
      • Create Tables IF Not Exists SQL
    • Support ignore some worksheets when generating SQL scripts
    • Import database schema from databases into the workbook
    • Support automatic build process
    • Fine print (A4 paper)

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